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Moving server and policy change (Updated on 02 Jan, 2011)
We will move to UK server, it will down for a period hours during migration next week, we will email our members for the news about server move and po...
Created on 18 December, 2010by VCASMO
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Looking for another server in UK
Good news for paid account users, in order to improve the speed in uploading asset and creating presentation, we are going to setup another server in ...
Created on 15 December, 2010by VCASMO
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Monthly Fee Increase Notice
We provided CDN streaming service from September, 2010. We found the paid account income cannot cover the expense on the bandwidth payment for CDN. Mo...
Created on 04 December, 2010by VCASMO
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Video Streaming from CDN
We are exciting to announce this great news for all paid account users (standard or professional account), you can enjoy video streaming from CDN (Con...
Created on 13 September, 2010by VCASMO
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Embed VCASMO in Facebook Wall
We got the approval video embed whitelist from Facebook. Now you share VCASMO presentation in Facebook. Your friends can watch it as embedded format i...
Created on 08 September, 2010by VCASMO
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Testing CDN
We are testing CDN (Content Delivery Network) for static files, for example: image, swf, js and css files. Your image assets will also move to CDN. H...
Created on 03 August, 2010by VCASMO
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PowerPoint and PDF Conversion Enhancement
We have just implemented a new conversion solution for PowerPoint and PDF, which is more stable, better quality and faster. We have also included supp...
Created on 03 March, 2010by VCASMO
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Video is right!
We have just added a feature requested by our users, now you can put your video on the right side. It supports in default layout or customized layout....
Created on 21 January, 2010by VCASMO
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Change Video Buffer Time to 10 seconds
We have changed the video buffer time to 10 seconds, it means when you click the "Play" button, video will download for enough duration (10 seconds) b...
Created on 06 November, 2009by VCASMO
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Small Enhancement on Skinning
We have updated Customization Guide. We add two more parameters suggested by our users: stopslidesync=1 or stopvideosync=1. You can break the synchron...
Created on 15 October, 2009by VCASMO
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