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Presentation Player HTML5 version roll out for mobile
Today, we launch Presentation Player HTML5 version, users use mobile device, such as iPad will see the HTML5 version. Embed code has been updated, too...
Created on 04 September, 2012by VCASMO
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Bugs Fixed for Presentation Player
We have fixed few bugs for presentation player, if you have downloaded vcasmo.swf for offline version, and used the following features, you can re-dow...
Created on 22 August, 2012by VCASMO
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Customer Survey
We are conducting a survey about features development, and your response would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the survey:
Created on 16 August, 2012by VCASMO
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Upload Error 201 with Google Chrome
We are confirmed there is a upload problem caused by latest version of Google Chrome (Windows), if you use other browsers, it does not have problem, ...
Created on 06 August, 2012by VCASMO
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Looking for job relocation chance
I am looking for a job relocation in Europe or America or other English-speaking location, if you are looking for a experienced web designer / develop...
Created on 30 June, 2012by VCASMO
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Download all slide files as one zip file
We have improved the presentation download process. Previously, you have to download slide files one by one. Now we compressed the slide files as one ...
Created on 22 June, 2012by VCASMO
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HTML5 version presentation player in beta
We started HTML5 version beta testing, you can preview the sample presentation.

It can run in IE9, Chrome, Safari and limited support in Firefox (...
Created on 07 June, 2012by VCASMO
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VCASMO for Organization or Reseller Package
Apart from this website service, we always open other possible usage on VCASMO, here are some information, if you are interesting to deploy it or rese...
Created on 15 May, 2012by VCASMO
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Attention MAC users about upload problem
We fixed a upload bug in MAC browsers, please clear
cache and try again, then you should find your uploaded file appear in record and do not need to ...
Created on 30 April, 2012by VCASMO
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Separate Location Upload Server
We have enhanced the upload process, all users can benefit separate upload server immediately, the files will upload to Amazon S3 server depends on yo...
Created on 22 April, 2012by VCASMO
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