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Spread your love in VCASMO
We create the 1st banner ad of VCASMO, if you like to support VCASMO. We hope you can put a banner ad in your blog link to You can choose ...
Created on 22 October, 2007by VCASMO
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Category list is extended
New categories are added: Animation, Arts, Cooking, Instructional, News & Politics, Religion, Software. So if you find your presentation does not fit...
Created on 16 October, 2007by VCASMO
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Enhance vBulletin mod: Automatic Embedded Video to support VCASMO
vBulletin is one of popular community forum solution. It supports "mod" to add extra features on it. One of "mod" is Automatic Embedded Video, which a...
Created on 12 October, 2007by VCASMO
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VCASMO use Google Custom Search
I have replaced VCASMO own search function by Google Custom Search.

I know the previous search function is crap, because it looks for tags only, ma...
Created on 05 October, 2007by VCASMO
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