Upgrade to Paid Account

Want more storage space? More bandwidth? More features? Upgrade your account today! No setup or cancellation fees, no compulsive prepaid cost, monthly based subscription! Just US$10.99 or US$16.99 per month.
  Free Standard Professional
Storage space 512MB 6GB 10GB
Bandwidth per month 5GB
exceed will disable presentation
US$0.2/GB Overage
US$0.2/GB Overage
Daily upload limit 200MB Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum file size per upload 200MB 1GB 1GB
Offline download monthly limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Offline download in App 3 presentations Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum presentation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum presentation duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Asset retain duration Asset which does not used in any presentation will be deleted after one month. Never Delete Never Delete
Presentation retain duration Inactive presentation, no edit / watch / comment record for three months will be deleted. Never Delete Never Delete
Export presentation as video With VCASMO logo US$5 (per each) Free 10 presentations per month, later US$3 (per each) Free unlimited presentations per month
No VCASMO logo US$20 (per each) US$10 (per each) US$10 (per each)
Statistics Simple report Detailed report with Excel download Detailed report with Excel download
Multiple accountsGroup different accounts together, you can switch to different accounts without logout / login every time.  
Friend groupingArrange your friends to different groups, set a presentation only viewable to particular group of friends.  
Priority in conversion the video, PowerPoint or PDF  
(higher priority)

(highest priority)
Video streaming from CDNFaster video streaming from CDN (Content Delivery Network ) located at United States and Europe servers.
Domain embed protectionChoose exactly which website domains your presentations can be embedded, prevent other websites embed your presentations.  
Not in VCASMO.comYou can embed presentation in your site but it is not viewable or searchable in VCASMO.COM    
Enhancement for white-label embedding / Customize logo brandingYou can embed presentation in your site without VCASMO Logo or use your own logo in the presentation player. Also without VCASMO logo in exported video.(Extra payment, not included in the monthly fee of paid account).    
Allow extra one-time payment US$50 per presentation for remove the VCASMO logo.
Price (per month) free US$10.99 US$16.99
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FAQ About Upgrade to Paid Account


  • How many days a monthly subscription have?
    We define a month is 31 days, so no matter you subscribe our service in February or August, you get the same 31 days.
  • Can I try the service before I pay?
    You can try our service by using the free account.
  • What payment method VCASMO accept?
    Currently, we accept PayPal only.
  • I have to renew the subscription every month?
    Yes, you have to. You can also subscribe for a longer period. We allow maximum a 2 years (24 months) subscription.
  • If I extend my subscription before expiry date, then the new expiry date is based on the payment date?
    No, you do not need to worry. For example, you extend one month subscription at 25th day, we will base on the expiry date to add further 31 days, therefore the 6 days remain will not loss.


  • Can I ask for refund if I stop the subscription?
    Yes. PayPal allow you to ask for refund within 60 days of the payment. However, we will refund the remain unused monthly fees for you. For example, you have paid for 5 months, you apply refund at 2nd month, we can refund you the remain 3 months subscription fee only.

Stop Subscription

  • Can I stop the subscription anytime?
    Yes. Once the subscription period is expired, you can stop the service by not paying the fee.
  • What happen to my account, my asset files, my presentations after subscription period is expired?
    You account will back to free account, all your asset files, presentations are kept. Just you cannot upload new file anymore and all presentations are disabled (offline download and export as video will not affect) if your total storage space is over free account limit.
  • If the presentation is set to "Not in VCASMO.com", what happen if I stop using professional account?
    The presentation will remain hidden in VCASMO.COM. Just you cannot "reveal" it. You cannot hidden / reveal any presentation in your account again.

Account Upgrade or Downgrade

  • If I am standard account user, can I upgrade to professional account?
    Yes, you can, once you pay the subscription fee, your account will upgrade immediately. However, any unused month in standard account will be expired and the new expired month will be based on professional account subscription period.
  • If I am professional account user, can I downgrade to standard account and extend the expire period?
    You have to contact us, we will follow the situation case by case.


  • Why you propose bandwidth limit?
    Our CDN provider charged us based on bandwidth usage and we charged you based on a fix monthly fee. To be fair, we cannot support your account for unlimited bandwidth usage, for us, it is not a health business.
  • Does my unused bandwidth accumulate to next month?
    No, at the end of each month, bandwidth usage will reset. No matter free or paid account, you cannot accumulate it.
  • What if I go over my bandwidth limit?
    For free account, all presentations are disabled. For paid account, we will never disable the presentations if you go over your limit. If this does happen, additional fees — calculated for US$0.2 per GB over your existed allocated bandwidth. e.g. you have 100G per month, you have used 120G, additional fee will be US$0.2 x (120 - 100) = US$4
  • Is bandwidth limit enough for me? Does I need for pay additional fee every month?
    Based on our customer bandwidth statistic, over 95% customers does not need to pay for additional fee.


  • When I embed the presentation in my website. I find users can click the presentation and link back to original presentation in VCASMO.com. How can I remove the link?
    You can apply professional account and use the "Not in VCASMO.com" feature. Note: the right corner VCASMO logo will still keep and link back to VCASMO.com main page. If you want to further remove the logo and logo link, you can consider white label version mentioned in the next FAQ.
  • Do you provide any white-label version of the embedded presentation? I mean I want to remove the VCASMO logo.
    Yes, if you are professional account user, you can apply a white-label version of presentation. It is a one time payment and pay for per presentation. If you have several presentations want to remove the logo, you have to apply one by one. Even your professional account is expired. The white-label version of the presentation is still functional. Please click here for pricing and detail.
  • Can I put my own logo in the presentation player?
    Yes, if you are professional account user and you have apply a white-label version for the presentation. You can also put your own logo in the presentation player.
  • I am paid account user, can I get any priority in conversion the video, PowerPoint or PDF?
    Yes, we are using a master conversion queue based on first come first serve for all users but give priority to paid account users. If you want further privilege service, you can contact us for dedicated service plan.
  • Can I change the design or customize the look and feel, interface of the presentation player?
    Yes. VCASMO presentation player is skinnable, you can check some examples here. We provide skinning user guide. Therefore, you can skin it yourself, you can also ask for our design teams to create customize skinning for you, or convert your Adobe Photoshop® / Adobe Illustrator® / Adobe Flash® design to VCASMO skin. Please contact us for pricing and detail.

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