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Repair Subtitle File (SRT) Downloaded from VCASMO
If you experience the SRT file downloaded from VCASMO cannot read by subtitle software like Subtitle Workshop, you can use this online tool to fix the...
Created on 02 July, 2008by VCASMO
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Knowing Compatible Issue on with Firefox 3
Firefox 3 is officially launched today! Here are the list of knowing compatible issue on with Firefox 3.

Instant-VCASMO create new or ed...
Created on 18 June, 2008by VCASMO
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Visual Editor for Simple Skinning
VCASMO presentation player open the skinning possibility to community, but we want more easy to every one. Therefore, we introduce a more easy way to ...
Created on 12 June, 2008by VCASMO
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Customized layout is enhanced and You can embed it, too!
Apart from the default dual screen presentation playing layout. We added some customized layout before. You can check the description of it in this bl...
Created on 11 June, 2008by VCASMO
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Skinning your own presentation
We have just released an exciting new feature - skinning! You always like to embed the presentation in your site. Now you can do it for more, design y...
Created on 22 May, 2008by VCASMO
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We cannot support Password Protected PowerPoint or PDF
Password protected PowerPoint or PDF means you have to input a password before you can open and read it. Since VCASMO is not cracker, we do not know y...
Created on 15 May, 2008by VCASMO
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Embed VCASMO with Password Protection
We just added a new feature requested by one of paid account user. In the past, you can only embed presentation which is open for public in your blog....
Created on 18 April, 2008by VCASMO
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Planning of support SMIL in the future
SMIL is a markup language to define the composition of multimedia elements by position, duration, transition effect as an integrated playback. For mor...
Created on 09 April, 2008by VCASMO
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Please vote for VCASMO
We are honourable to be one of the nominates in the 2008 Webware 100. It is a surprise for us. Voting is now open, please vote for VCASMO. Thank you :...
Created on 27 February, 2008by VCASMO
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VCASMO presentation player got a new look: choose a layout for your presentation
We have just added a new cool feature. Now you can set the layout of the presentation: full version, slide and audio version or video only version.
Created on 20 February, 2008by VCASMO
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