Moving server and policy change (Updated on 02 Jan, 2011)

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We will move to UK server, it will down for a period hours during migration next week, we will email our members for the news about server move and policy change. To improve our server performance, we will also change our policy for free account. We will store the presentation only for one month and encourage user download the presentation and host in their own server.

We do not allow students to submit assignment to our server, We have found this problem for several times and caused our server very slow during peak hours on the deadline of assignment submission.

Update on 25 Dec, 2010
We will order one more server, but it takes one week to delivery, so our new server and policy change roll out will move to 10 January, 2011.

Update on 02 Jan, 2011
There is a further delay on the hardware arrival to data center, so our new server and policy change roll out will move to 20 January, 2011. We will also change the free user account policy slightly. For non-used asset (does not use in any presentation), it will be deleted after one month. For unactive presentation (no edit / playback / comment record for three months), it will be deleted unless it is featured by us in the main page.

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