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Features List and Roadmap added
VCASMO is powerful, because it has too many features you may not know, so we added a features list page. In the features list, we added some coming fe...
Created on 24 September, 2007by VCASMO
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You can add speaker information for the presentation
Speaker information, including speaker name, job title, company/organization can be added to the presentation.

You can do this at Step 3 when you c...
Created on 20 September, 2007by VCASMO
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Linkable slide
Now, you can add a link on your slide. You can add fully covered link on a slide or define multiple hot spots to link to different webpages. You can a...
Created on 18 September, 2007by VCASMO
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"Add to digg" and "Add to" bookmarklets added
I found refer links from digg and, so I think people start to use VCASMO as presentation and knowledge share site, so I added these bookma...
Created on 09 September, 2007by VCASMO
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Print slide, browse slide and default subtitle
Three small features are just added today. All three features can be found in "Edit presentation".

Print slide
You may notice there is a print but...
Created on 04 September, 2007by VCASMO
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Language list is extended
More languages are added for presentation or subtitle to set. If you cannot find your language in the list, please tell us or leave comment here.

Created on 01 September, 2007by VCASMO
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