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Import Time Sequence for Sequence Editor
We add a new feature highly requested by user. Now you can simply paste the time sequence text to sequence editor without dragging the timeline. It is...
Created on 26 May, 2009by VCASMO
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Remove Logo (White Label) for your presentation
We launch the white label service for all professional account users. Now you can apply white label version for your presentation online, payment thro...
Created on 25 May, 2009by VCASMO
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Small Enhancement on Sequence Editor and Subtitle Editor
Sequence Editor
We are sometimes reported by the users, they are working on the slide sequence for a long time, but failed to save. It is because you...
Created on 03 February, 2009by VCASMO
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You can hide "mail" button when you embed
We have just added a new parameter (nomail=1) for hide "mail" button in the presentation player. For detail, please reference "Customization Guide" or...
Created on 29 December, 2008by VCASMO
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Localize your own language embedded / offline version
We have just added a new feature requested by our user. You can localize the button label text in the presentation player of offline version. For deta...
Created on 17 December, 2008by VCASMO
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Subtitle as Video Navigation Index in Customized Layout
Normally, you can only use subtitle as slide index when there is slides in your presentation ("full version" or "slide and audio version") in customiz...
Created on 24 August, 2008by VCASMO
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Customized Layout Offline Kit in beta
You may find the offline version downloaded of your presentation is the standard dual screen layout, even you have set the presentation presented as a...
Created on 23 August, 2008by VCASMO
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Enhanced Vertical Position on the Customized Layout Embed
When you embed the presentation with customized layout, you will find the presentation is vertical align to middle, but the logo is always keep on the...
Created on 20 August, 2008by VCASMO
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Link back to is opened as new browser windows
One annoying bug for owners who embed presentations in their own sites, when visitors click the presentation, it will leave the site and link back to ...
Created on 19 August, 2008by VCASMO
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Happy Birthday, VCASMO
Today is 1st anniversary of VCASMO launched since 30th July, 2007.

Happy Birthday, VCASMO!

Created on 30 July, 2008by VCASMO
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