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Hosting VCASMO in Dropbox
You can download offline version of your presentation and upload to Dropbox, make sure your have set the folder in Dropbox which store the presentatio...
Created on 29 June, 2013by VCASMO
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[Important Notice] Presentation video play but no sound
2013-5-15 Update
Most users will find Flash Player is updated to latest version 11,7,700,202 recently and the below problem has been solved.

Created on 02 May, 2013by VCASMO
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VCASMO Website Revamped
Today, VCASMO got two changes, one is easy to be noticed, we revamped our website, especially a fresh look on the main page.

Another change is: we ...
Created on 03 April, 2013by VCASMO
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Introduce VCASMO iOS App
We are so excited to announce our VCASMO iOS app is ready to download in Apple App Store! It is native iOS app support both iPhone and iPad. The main ...
Created on 27 March, 2013by VCASMO
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File size upload limit increased
We just increase file size upload limit for paid account users, you can upload a single file up to 1 GB file size.

For free account users, you can ...
Created on 26 March, 2013by VCASMO
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Four ways to sync slide with video in editor
Every time you create a presentation, you must use our editor. In this article, I share some tips about this advanced editor, some features you never ...
Created on 23 March, 2013by VCASMO
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Two little updates: QRCode and change default embed size
We have added a QRCode in every presentation, you can use a scanner app in your mobile, transfer the URL of presentation to mobile/tablet more easily....
Created on 21 March, 2013by VCASMO
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New feature: Delete Unused Assets
If you want to free up more storage space, you can delete unused presentations but leave assets in your account, it cannot solve the problem. You have...
Created on 12 March, 2013by VCASMO
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New feature: Manage Multiple Accounts
We are excited to announce new feature: manage multiple accounts. This feature is only for paid account user, you can group the paid accounts together...
Created on 28 February, 2013by VCASMO
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Scheduled Server Upgrade
We will schedule a server upgrade from 26 to 29, January 2013 (GMT 0). Account sign up and delete, asset upload and delete, export presentation as vi...
Created on 17 January, 2013by VCASMO
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