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Important Notice for Ex-Paid & Free Account Users
In order to improve our service, we will move storage server to Amazon S3 and all presentations has CDN streaming powered by Amazon CloudFront, even i...
Created on 23 December, 2012by VCASMO
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Terms of Use Updated
Due to "Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos". Terms of Use is updated today on Article 8.3. To make it clearly we will not sell yo...
Created on 19 December, 2012by VCASMO
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Faster Video Streaming for iOS device
We will gradually upgrade all paid accounts video to HTTP Live Streaming(HLS) video segmenting compliant, which means faster start playing and video s...
Created on 18 December, 2012by VCASMO
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New feature: domain embed protection for paid account users
We have just added another enterprise needed feature for paid account users. It is "domain embed protection" which prevent your presentations embedded...
Created on 04 December, 2012by VCASMO
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VCASMO in Facebook
Please like this Facebook page if you want to know the news and feature update, server, API status of VCASMO.

VCASMO, Chief Developer

Created on 24 November, 2012by VCASMO
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Embed code support HTTPS
We offer HTTPS version embed code if you need to include VCASMO presentation in your secured website. Previously, when some parts of the site are not ...
Created on 21 November, 2012by VCASMO
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Offline download version support HTML5
We have just updated offline download version package to include HTML5 support in web version. You can upload all the files you have downloaded to ser...
Created on 02 October, 2012by VCASMO
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New feature: export presentation as video (and auto-upload to YouTube!)
Export Presentation as Video
We launch this new feature today and invite users to try it first. Now, VCASMO can help you convert any presentation a...
Created on 24 September, 2012by VCASMO
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Website which collect nice slide / presentation

If you look for inspiration on how to design your presentation, I recommend you check the above site.

VCASMO, Chief...
Created on 06 September, 2012by VCASMO
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Presentation Player HTML5 version roll out for mobile
Today, we launch Presentation Player HTML5 version, users use mobile device, such as iPad will see the HTML5 version. Embed code has been updated, too...
Created on 04 September, 2012by VCASMO
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