Subtitle as Video Navigation Index in Customized Layout

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Normally, you can only use subtitle as slide index when there is slides in your presentation ("full version" or "slide and audio version") in customized layout. If you have a video only presentation, you want to add a navigation index, is it possible? Yes, it is possible! Because VCASMO is support skinning

You can download a full version of Customized Layout Offline Kit, replace skin.xml with this one (right click, save as).

Here is an example:

VCASMO, Chief Developer


aglimme 12 October, 2009 10:35
I'm having a lot of trouble making this work, is there any place I can get some documentation on setting this up?
luar 12 October, 2009 13:43
Can you send me the link to [email protected], I can check what wrong in your files.

VCASMO, Chief Developer

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