Four ways to sync slide with video in editor

Created on 23 March, 2013by VCASMO Learn more about paid account

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Every time you create a presentation, you must use our editor. In this article, I share some tips about this advanced editor, some features you never know which may help you get the job done more quickly.

1. Using the mouse
It is the most direct way, drag the arrow to the time.

2. Using keyboard
You can input the time under each thumbnail, you can just input 0:2:3 or 123 and press enter, it will auto format to 00:02:03

3. Click the thumbnail
Click the thumbnail, it will change the time to current video time, so you can play the video, when it reach your desired timing, click the thumbnail, then move the mouse to next thumbnail and wait again.

4. Click "Import" button and paste (Ctrl+V)
If you know the timing of slide, you can click import button, type the timing or copy-n-paste from other source, it support hh:mm:ss/mm:ss/second format, the editor will auto format to hh:mm:ss

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