Sound Doctrine to OceansOntology

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Created on 31 May, 2008by oceansography



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Speaker: Ocean Duran
Job title: Ographer
Company/Organization: OceansOgraphy
This is the doctrine to Ocean Duran's teachings; OceansOntology. This is a guideline for understanding how to read Ocean's Teachings by understanding concept, principle and morale.
The "Sound" Doctrine.

The reason for a Doctrine is to understand the teachings with principals and understandings of what needs to be clarified within the teachings.

This "Sound" Doctrine to OceansOntology let's the viewer understand the mechanics to how perception is the basis for OceansOntology in comparison to "sound" and it's mechanics in the scientific study.

In relation to religion and understanding God's Word, communication and retrospect to the design of the Bible's make-up of Concepts, Principals and Morale's, the "Sound" Doctrine utilizes the example of "sound" (choices and decisions etc) against the example of "Sound" (the break down of how sounds are heard).

With these examples in constant comparison to each other, OceansOntology brings forth truth in understanding perspectives not only by laws and physics but also by way of understanding a "language" that science has not been able to interpret. but has come up with the study of "being" called ontology.


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