OFLA - ActionStep GUI framework by Richard Kilmer

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Speaker: Richard Kilmer
ActionsStep is an Actionscript 2.0 implementation of the OpenStep/NextStep/Cocoa Application Kit. The Application Kit API is a proven scalable API that serves as the underlying foundation for the Apple OS X operating system user interface. Not simply a GUI component model, ActionStep can serve as a framework for building a complete multi-windowed desktop environment upon the Flash platform. I will discuss the basic component model of ActionStep (Views vs. Cells), the event model, the status of current components, and a timeline for formal releases of ActionStep. Code examples will also be presented as well. ActionStep is being used by InfoEther to develop a commercial application, and this application will be demonstrated during the talk (via a Web URL) if time allows.

Richard Kilmer is the founder and CEO of Virginia-based software and services company InfoEther, Inc. His background includes peer-to-peer software, wireless web, workflow, and pen computing. His current efforts are using Flash and Ruby together in a commercial application, and through that is developing the open-source ActionStep Flash component framework. He is an active member of the Ruby development community as well working on Alph (Flash-Ruby bridge), FreeRIDE, RubyGems, RubyJDWP, Jabber4R, and hosts RubyForge.org.


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