OFLA - ASWing GUI framework by Firdosh Tangri

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Speaker: Firdosh Tangri
The presentation would be on how to use the ASWing project to easily build user interfaces. I would like to talk about the different layout managers that ASWing has to offer and how to use them with the current components released ( we are planning to make a first release with some basic components in a week ) . I would like to talk about the similarities and the differences between JSwing and ASWing in terms of event dispatching and how much easier it is in ASWing. Towards the end I would like to talk about the future of ASWing and where the project is headed towards.

Firdosh Tangri : I have been working with Flash since version 5 . I work for the purdue homeland security institute as a flash designer / developer . I create a lot of simulation applications where we use flash as a user input and visualization tool for the all the vast data that is produced during large scale agent based simulations. I use flash to integrate differrent data models to create intriging visualization screens.


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