2. Students’ Global Experiences with Microfinance Work

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Learn about Microfinance, Students’ Global Experiences with Microfinance Work, and How you can become involved
Wednesday at 7pm in Gardner 07

Come out and learn how you can do these things and make in difference in the lives of others from students who have actually done them in South Africa and Indonesia!

Hear about the experiences that one of our very own CMI International Projects team had: designing and teaching entrepreneurship classes to gap year students that had just graduated high school in the townships in Cape Town, SA. They focused on things ranging from business skills, marketing, South African accounting, and computer skills. The students developed and presented their own entrepreneurial business plans by the end of the course!

Next hear from our president Linda Chamiec-Case who spent this past summer working for a housing microfinance organization called the Kuyasa Fund as well as a microfinance consulting group called PlaNet Finance to develop financial education services for their clients. Essentially they developed programs and services to educate the Kuyasa clients about savings, budgeting, and debt management. This education is very useful and empowering in that it helps clients be more successful borrowers thus increasing Kuyasa's repayment rates.

Finally in 2007 Kenny Hais along with his best friend co-founded CEO4Teens, a nonprofit organization that aims to Create Educational Opportunities for Teenagers. Through years of successful fundraising, Kenny was able to award scholarships & microfinance loans to smart, third-world country teenagers in Indonesia that have been held back by financial difficulties all their lives. He has been able to witness the impact that education & microfinance can have on those given a chance firsthand and would like to share his experiences. Check out what Kenny has been doing at www.ceo4teens.com


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