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Speaker: Ksenija vidmar-Nincevic
Job title: an English teacher
Company/Organization: O.S. B.Kasica Zadar, Croatia
This is a summary of the eTwinning project designed as the tribute to the European year of Citizenship 2013.
The Project is divided into 5 modules ( the 6th is the Evaluation of the whole working process and students' outcome).
Module 1: Let us meet ourselves (2 schools involved only: from Greece and Croatia) with 10 students, aged 14-15 in each team.
Module 2:The idea of democracy (brainstormind & debate)
Module 3:Democratic social life (comparing past & present of democratic values)
Module 4:Citizens in action for Democracy (open the debate on democracy in general)
Module 5: If we were polititians ( students create a program of their party, they make a slogan, logo and sum up the Project).
Module 6: Evaluation


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