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We are beta testing support of SCORM 1.2, it means you can upload VCASMO to Learning Management System (LMS).

We will provide two types of VCASMO SCORM 1.2 package:

Offline version
video and slide content are included and uploaded to LMS
pro: do not need to depends on VCASMO, even VCASMO shut down, your courseware still function.
con: no video streaming, if content is updated, you have to re-create SCORM package and overwrite content in LMS.

Embed version
video, slide content are hosted in VCASMO server, only SCORM related files uploaded to LMS
pro: support video streaming, you can just update content in VCASMO, content in LMS will be auto updated.
con: depends on VCASMO, if VCASMO server down, your courseware will not function.

If you are interested as beta tester, welcome drop me an email: [email protected]

We will also work on support of AICC, if you can help as beta testing, welcome contact us, too.

VCASMO, Chief Developer


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