VCASMO Demonstration for Communications 2.0 Meeting

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Created on 05 November, 2007by lkless



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Speaker: Larry Kless
Job title: Production Manager
Company/Organization: Kaiser Permanente
This is a quick demonstration to show how VSCAMO works by role modeling a 57 second video with synchronized slides. I used my Macbook and iMovie to create the video and exported it as a Quicktime movie. The Powerpoint slides were exported as .png files and all the assets were uploaded and easily synched together in about a minute using VSCAMO's on-line editing environment. Can you believe this is free? Thanks to all the VSCAMO software engineers and people behind the scenes to make it available and to Robin Good for letting me know about this incredible Web 2.0 application.


Thanks Larry Kless do a demo for our site!!
really appriciate it!

Hi Larry, Im trying to figure out how to synch up video with slides. Am I missing something? There is no instruction how to do this.. Help!
email me [email protected] Thanks

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