Creating a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Flash

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Speaker: Danny Patterson
Creating a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Flash
Danny Patterson

About Me
Manager, User Interface Development; POPstick, Inc.
Partner Community MX
Member of Team Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Certified
Advanced ColdFusion MX
Flash MX 2004
Flash MX

What are Web Services?
What is an SOA?
Creating a .NET Web Service
Creating a ColdFusion Web Service
Calling the Web Service from Flash
Web Service Security Considerations

What are Web Services?
XML Requests & Responses over HTTP
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
Web Service Alternatives with Flash
Flash Remoting (AMF)

Web Service Flow

What is an SOA?
Service Tier
API to Access Business & Data Tiers
Most Commonly used with Web Services
Interoperate between Technologies (Java & .NET)
Decouple the Client from the Server
Easy replacement of server-side code
Can call service from any client
Creating a .NET Web Service
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
Create a New Project
Select ASP.NET Web Service

Creating a ColdFusion Web Service
Available in Versions 6 and 7
Component (CFC)
Setup Similar to Remoting

SOAP Request Format

SOAP Response Format

Inspecting the WSDL
Web Services Panel in Flash

Calling the Web Service from Flash
WebServiceClasses Component
You don’t create a PendingCall object
The object is returned when a service method is called
Handles onResult & onFault events
Lazy Decoding
Concurrency (Multiple, Single, & Last)

Web Service Security Considerations
Cross-Domain Access to the Web Service
Policy File
Secure Transactions (HTTPS)
Encrypting Passwords (MD5)
Using a Secure Token for Additional Security


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