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To prepare for next VCASMO big change, HTML5 version presentation player, started from 11 March, 2012, server will convert video to MP4 format with resolution 640 X 480 pixel (4:3) but keep aspect ratio (if the video is not 4:3, mean it will convert as maximum width 640 and maximum height 480), variable bitrate(VBR), average bitrate around 700kbps, H.264 video codec, AAC audio codec. Therefore, when you upload the video file, you can encode as this resolution for smaller file size, faster upload and conversion.

We are developing HTML5 version for mobile device (iOS, Android), for desktop PC, we still recommend to use Flash as the presentation player. Stay tuned!

For the latest video format supported by VCASMO, please check here.

2012-5-12 Update
In order to support MP4, minimum Flash Player version is 9.0.115, you can check your Flash Player version here.

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