Words that start with Nn

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Created on 19 February, 2009by MsWhiteman
I am a computer teacher and technology specialist at The Canterbury School of Florida.



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Student had preformatted PowerPoint Slides open when they came to the computer lab. Everything was in the, "Words that start with Nn" book except the pictures.

The Pre-K Students Practiced the PowerPoint Skills of:
- typing text, their name, in a pre-formatted title slide
- using the slide view on the left hand pane to move to the next slide
- searching for clip art using the content box by typing the first word they saw in the title box in the search box. For example, in the sentence, “Nut starts with N,” The student types nut in the search box and selects go.
- moving the clip art search box to see the word they needed to type
- inserting clip art by selecting the clip art they like and selecting go.
-using the elevator on the search box to see more clip art options they can choose from


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