Casino Jack Black Hat SEO Defense Course

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Created on 11 March, 2010by CasinoJack



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Speaker: Casino Jack
Job title: Sales Dude
Company/Organization: Logan Rock Marketing
Casino Jack Black Hat SEO Defense course given at the London Affiliate Conference in 2010.


This video is entertaining, enlightening and has subtle, sneaky humor. Thanks for the good time and I thought it was 25 mins well spent... even the second time through.

Keep making great vids, Jack! And thanks for the "black hat" (de[o]fense?)
I couldn't help it... "don't believe everything you read on the internet". Hilarious!!! (LOL) This is worth the time, especially if higher ranking and internet visibility drives success of your website. I know I will be applying this on mine.

Thanks for the time and I say its white hat, until it beats the other guys!!!!!

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